Demons: They come in all classes from a Yōkai oftenly depicted in manga series like InuYasha through Nurarihyon no Mago, to Mazoku from YuYu Hakusho as well as including that of even the bijū from Naruto. The age of a demon most notably atleast the strongest to their title or class is largely unknown, some such as Raizen (YuYu Hakusho) have been known to live past 1,000 years atleast while others such as Yoko Kurama, Kurotabō, Kurama (bijū), Sesshomaru, have known to live for centuries oftenly interfering or being intertwined with the main premise of the anime/ manga series they represent. Due to their longevity though this makes it vastly hard to pin-point if they infact do share biological time clocks like most living beings or if they're simply immortal.

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