Rock Lee vs. Sanji


Rock LeeEdit


Lee is a master of taijutsu, a form of combat based soley on physical attacks.  He is strong enough to rip up a large section of a tree root with his bear hands and fast enough to move without faster than the eye can see. If he drinks any alcohol he starts using the Drunken Fist where he attacks anyone around him at random.

Eight Gates

Lee has the ability to open the eight inner gates, drastically increasing his attack power but injuring him in the process. This allows him to use attacks such as the Reverse Lotus, where he kicks his opponent into the air and rapidly attacks them before pulling them up by the bandage for a finishing blow.



Black Leg StyleEdit

Sanji uses Black Leg Style, a style consisting of only kicks and handstands.  This is to protect his hands, which he uses for cooking.  His kicks are powerful enough to almost break Tekkai, a technique in which the user hardens their body like steel. Several of his attacks consist of many weaker attacks followed by a powerful finishing attack. 

Diable JambeEdit

Sanji can also set his legs on fire by spinning (he can do this without spinning after the timeskip) to add fire to his attacks, a technique called Diable Jambe. The flames are hot enough to burn through Tekkai but don't harm Sanji himself. He is also capable of setting his whole body on fire briefly by remembering his time in the Kamabaka Kingdom and becoming extremely angry.  He calls this Hell Memories and has only used it once for a finishing kick.

Sky WalkEdit

Sanji can use the Rokushiki technique Geppo which allows him to kick off the air and essentially fly.  He calls it Sky Walk.  He also has an underwater variation of this called Blue Walk.


Sanji can use Kenbunshoku Haki and Busoshoku Haki allowing him to anticipate opponents attacks and increase the strength of his attacks and bypass Devil Fruit defenses, respectivly.


First ScenarioEdit

1. No restrictions

Second ScenarioEdit

2. Speed and power equalized

Third ScenarioEdit

4. Knowledge & Prep Time

Fourth Scenario Edit

5. No power or abilites

Fifth ScenarioEdit

5. Bloodlust


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